Indulge Yourself With These Famous Filipino Dishes


One of the first things that travelers would like to do when traveling to a new place is to relish the culinary delights. If you’re planning to visit the Philippines once this coronavirus is over (I hope it will be over soon), you should get a taste of its traditional cuisine that you will surely love. So, here are some of the mouthwatering dishes you shouldn’t miss when in the Philippines.



It is one of the most popular, extraordinary Filipino dishes in the post-Spanish era until today. If you don’t eat pork, don’t worry, because they also have chicken adobo. This popular dish is simmered in vinegar and soy sauce with lots of black pepper and crushed garlic.


It’s a rich mixture of lime and tamarind paste. It is popular because of its unique recipe and serving presentation. Sinigang has a sour taste signature cooked with any shrimp and chunky pork and can go as well with any fish.


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It is usually cooked with beef, mixed with the usual onion-garlic-salt and peppers. It’s a dish boiled with cabbages, corn cuts, and carrots that gives a unique taste that every Filipino always craves to have during dining hours.


One of the perks about visiting the seaside towns and cities in the country is the availability of fish and other seafood.  Try kinilaw, a vinegar-cooked ceviche in an open flame. It may look simple as raw fish with vinegar dressing, but some restaurants serve the fresh dish with soy sauce, lime juice, bits of pork belly, salted egg, shrimp, and onions.


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Another Spanish influence dish that no fiesta or other special occasions in the country is complete unless there is Lechon served for everyone. It is a roast suckling pig that is cooked to perfection.


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