Why Canada Is Worth Visiting For


Canada’s natural attraction, from glaciers and mountains to secluded forests and lakes, is almost exceptional worldwide. It is also commended as one of the most livable countries in the world. Here are a few lists of why Canada is worth visiting.

Magnificent Cities

Canada is known for its modern, multicultural cities. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are the best-known cities, but many others highlight various features of Canada, such as its mountainous landscape, French history, maritime culture, or its indigenous people.


Natural Wonders

With more coastlines, arctic lands, mountain ranges, forests, lakes, and even a bit of desert, Canada has a diverse landscape complete of wonders.


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Canada is an affordable holiday choice. Historically, the Canadian dollar is worth somewhat less than the U.S. dollar, so prices in the country generally seem reasonable to travelers.

Outdoor Activities

Canada is known for its marvelous outdoors, and there’s a lot of it. Some of the most popular outdoor activities are skiing and snowboarding, camping, fishing, golfing, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.


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French Heritage

Canada’s French culture remains prominent, mostly in Quebec, which is a rich history and distinct heritage that make it a unique tourist destination, but also in the Maritime provinces and Ontario.


Diverse cultures, landscapes, and climates make Canada a destination to suit any interest. It is also a land of immigrants and encourages diversity.

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